Solutions 4 Tomorrow

Who we are?

We are a group of students and graduates from polish and foreign technical universities, unified by one idea: to create a startup specializing in autonomous aerial vehicles. Currently we are working on a prototype that will target security sector.

What do we create?

Our product will consist of a base station which houses the drone and recharges its battery and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with thermovision and high resolution cameras, flight computer and number of high-tech sensors for safe operations in harsh environment.

What does it do?

The data collected by the drone will be sent to our cloud and then, after advanced image processing algorithms, it will be used to detect possible threats and intruders in protected area. The information will then be passed onto a remote operator who can either choose to get live feed from the drone’s cameras, record activity in the area, takeover control to further investigate or abort the alert.

Who and why would buy it?

Our product is aimed at companies with large areas that require permanent observation and those providing security solutions. Our goal is to replace or complement existing camera systems and foot patrols.

Unique features and advantages of our system are:
  • Full autonomy - no need for constant human interaction
  • Ability to change flightpath according to previous incidents thus securing the “danger zones”
  • No “blind spots”
  • No need for laying cables
  • Fast configuration - Plug&Play system
  • Operations in harsh terrain
  • No endangerment of human life

Plan of action

As mentioned earlier, right now we are in the process of creating a prototype. We plan to finish our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) until the end of 2016. Then we want to test it for at least couple of months in cooperation with security specialists and end users and throughout the process gain trust of the society and interest of media. In case of gathering enough media hype there will be no need for further advertisement. Otherwise, we plan to contact companies directly as well as promote ourselves on innovation meetups and conferences. At the moment we have knowledge of few companies interested in our solution, so those will be our first target.